Our Partners

A network of creatives and makers keeps you going and growing. When different ideas and talents come together, great things can come into existence. Visit their website or profile to learn more about them.

Influencer and Photographer
Andrea Monica Hug is an inspiring Zurich based blogger, influencer, passionate plant-based content creator and professional fashion, portrait, event photographer. Smart, with an excellent taste for aesthetics.

Jerome Bally aims to put people in the best light and captures their special moments. He is not only a great photographer, but also has many good ideas and can guide his subject to take the right posture.

Roland Urech work includes authentic portraits full of character - primarily in black and white - as well as stylistic and classic shots.

Kathi Hannah and Celiné are not only stunningly beautiful, but they have great personalities, the right attitude, and are fun to work with.

Local cosmetics and more
Caring Cherry is the go-to shop when it comes to sustainable cosmetics from Switzerland. The founder Melanie is an ambassador of natural products and zero waste with a big heart and a positive personality.