About Manoliam

Manoliam is a Swiss label that offers artistic clothing and accessories for women who love colors, patterns and a touch of glam. We value classic timelessness, quality and fair and sustainable production.

About me, the designer behind Manoliam

Manuela Bruderer_face behind Manoliam


You are curious about this lady who started Manoliam. Ok, then let's get a little more personal :-)

I grew up in a small village where the hills are lush green and the

trees touch the sky. As a child, I was encouraged by my mother to paint and craft, and my father taught me that if I show up and do the work, I can be successful. These two gifts led me to found the creative label Manoliam in 2021.

Although I enjoyed a quiet childhood, I was fascinated early on by an urban lifestyle and foreign cultures and traditions different from ours. I felt at ease being surrounded by diversity and interacting with people who grew up differently. Through building friendships with people from all over the world and many solo travels to Asia, I was challenged to question many of my beliefs and I began my journey to find my own truth... I don't think that I have found it yet, but I am on my way, and that is what matters. With Manoliam, I am able to build business relationships around the globe, and the products I design are a channel for me to express my fascination for different cultures and aesthetics.

I pursued a master's degree in Psychology at the University of Zurich as I wanted to better understand how people perceive, think and behave and the why behind it. During my studies I dedicated some of my research projects to Fashion Psychology and I realized that clothing is more than a piece of fabric. It is like a second skin that we choose for the desired attributes we associate with it. Clothes can make us dream, express and experience. What we wear influences how we feel and how we perceive ourselves and how we are perceived by others.

After graduating from university, I followed my curiosity, packed one suitcase and moved to Dubai for one year. A city full of contrasts and a hotspot for all cultures of the world. In Dubai I was able to nurture my fascination for Arabic architecture, geometry, interiors with luxurious materials and excellent service. Moreover, Dubai, a city built in just a few years with a great vision, sparked my own Vision to design artistic clothing and accessories of high quality. And I began...

...here I am, launching the label Manoliam that offers artistic everyday chic for those who love colors, prints and crafts. I take pride in having designed the fabric of the garments I offer, the designs on the silk scarves and some of the jewelry.

By following my heart with Manoliam, I also want to encourage you to be brave and follow yours - whatever that may be.