About us


Manoliam is a design studio based in Zurich, offering carefully curated collections of statement pieces and meaningful essentials for women. Our collections aim to bring positive emotions to your wardrobe and daily life.

Our designers and artisans around the world are dedicated to crafting thoughtful, artistic and sustainable apparel, accessories and lifestyle products.

Statement pieces with soul.
Made to love and last.

Manoliam from sketch to product, an example of the fashion design process.From sketch to product: We start with a manual or digital sketch on an iPad or drawing tablet. Then we create illustrations and mock-ups to visualize the design and carefully select the quality of fabric on which to print the design. From there we create a prototype of the piece, inspect the fit and comfort, and make adjustments as necessary before moving into production of a Capsule Collection.

About the founder of Manoliam

Manuela Bruderer is a fashion designer who draws inspiration from the worlds of travel, art and interiors, and strong women globally.

Since 2015, Manuela is dedicated to creating art and repeating patterns with the intention of crafting fashion and lifestyle products of timeless elegance. All patterned fabrics in the Manoliam collection as well as the designs of the scarves are created by Manuela herself, making each piece unique.

With her background in Psychology and several research projects on Fashion Psychology, Manuela thinks of clothes as a means of self-expression, along with the power to change mood, consciousness and self-confidence.

Through her label Manoliam, Manuela aims to bring positive emotions to women's wardrobes and everyday life. By combining aesthetics and functionality, she strives to create pieces that spark joy and provide great comfort.

Manuela Bruderer founder of Manoliam